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The Scary Truth About The Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Depression


Like many illnesses, most have no idea about the daily struggles that can be associated with living with fibromyalgia. Some go years without ever knowing what their actual diagnosis is, just suffering day by day thinking they were aging horribly, or had some bad stroke of luck health wise. As you can imagine, fibro patients often also experience different levels of depression throughout the course of their treatment. It can be a lonely disease, one that leaves you scratching your head and wondering if you’re the only person dealing with these symptoms.

Bel Marra Health reported that fibromyalgia and depression share some common symptoms, which could be a large reason for misdiagnosis. On the other hand, fibromyalgia may even contribute to depression – living with allover pain can limit one’s abilities, so a person may feel burdened in their own body. At the same time, having depression in fibromyalgia can worsen fibromyalgia, leading to a greater pain and overall worsened symptoms. Being mindful of fibromyalgia and depression link can help you not only prevent depression, but improve treatment as well.

There is a direct link to depression and how it can result in developing or increasing already existing pains and aches. If a patient already has a case of fibromyalgia, they often easily start showing signs of depression, be those long or short term bouts with it as a result of their pain triggering a stressed out mental state of mind. Depression worsens pain, and pain often causes depression, as the two go hand in hand essentially. Then you’re dealing with two ailments that need treated in one patient, which can be a lot for one person to have to live with on a regular basis.

These two are so commonly found together, that depression can often run three times as higher in existing fibro patients, versus those without the issue. The result can cause a whirlwind of nonstop depression and fibro pain to surface over and over again. It’s like riding a roller-coaster that you simply cannot get off of. Pretty scary stuff.

The trick is to learn how to treat one or the other, or hopefully both to get some peace within in your illness. Truly wise fibro doctors will know the signs of depression all too well to spot in their clients, or strongly advise their patients to be on the lookout for such symptoms to prevent a severe bout with depression that can last for months of suffering. If you’re physician suggests an antidepressant along with your fibro meds, take them seriously, as the last thing you need to is to be battling an additional ailment that could have in most cases been avoided.