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Fibromyalgia Does Occur in Boys and Men Alike


You wouldn’t think discrimination lies within the medical community as far as making a clear diagnosis, but it certainly does, especially where fibromyalgia is concerned. Thousands of men suffer from fibromyalgia, but go undiagnosed, or without physicians taking them seriously as the ailment typically develops in females. explained that Michael Turner, for instance, is an 18 year old male that lives with the ailment, and had to undergo numerous medical tests until his team discovered that he was living with fibromyalgia. Turner knows all too well what it is like to live with pain on a daily basis as he began having symptoms at the age of 10. His parents reported that they were saddened to watch their otherwise healthy son awake for school every day with pain, brain fog, and simply appear to be exhausted just as his day was ready to begin. Eventually, Michael made the swap from home school versus the traditional forms of attending school on a regular basis, as it was too stressful with his condition. Now his school day is one that he has the ability to ease into, versus waking up and running around for the first few hours of the day.

Some specialists believe that the illness can be brought on by viral ailments such as the flu, or glandular fevers. Chronic fatigue for instance, blew up with a huge rise in childhood cases just following a bout with glandular fever. As you can assume, many children and parents of those with fibromyalgia often find it challenging to locate support for themselves as well as their children. It’s just not a common ailment that children suffer from, making it troubling to make and keep friends, or continue to be successful with their academics.

Help for those in similar situations are community help groups such as “WellMe” that can be found online. Often, it only takes one person to come along and understand or show empathy towards your struggles to make you feel at ease. Support can be online, or in person in local groups, and it has been shown to greatly prevent depression in kids with fibromyalgia as well as provide great help for parents trying to get through the daily grind of parenting with this illness.