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Is Cannabis The Answer to Living Fibromyalgia Pain Free?


There are tons of methods of help for anyone suffering from various types of pain; from ointments to pills, but many are trying to avoid the traditional ways to heal their pain. One way that is causing a lot of debates is by using cannabis treatment, especially for those living with fibromyalgia.

Leafly reports that cannabis treatment has shown some promising results, from not only tackling the pain associated with fibro symptoms, but also helping with brain fog, insomnia, helping to combat fatigue, and also warding off depression. Just as some over the counter tablets for pain may not work for everyone, some cannabis treatments may be more effective for some fibro patients more so than others. Experts in cannabis pain relief recommend that you experiment with different strains to see what works for you. Edible variations, or topical measures may be ideal.

Regardless of how you personally feel about the utilization of cannabis for patients, it has skyrocketed in popularity over the preference for over the counter or prescription drugs. There are bad sides to every possible treatment option for pain when you really depict them all against one another. Take prescribed drugs for instance, you are essentially popping opiates and gaining a very strong tolerance for them as each day passes.Then add in the layer of becoming seriously addicted to them to boot, and now you have a totally new challenge on your hands far greater than coping with fibromyalgia pain. Experts in the cannabis field have been urging this change for many decades. They feel that the effects, if any, caused by the use of cannabis for pain relief are nothing in contrast to the extreme damages that can be brought on by long term use of prescription meds. Once a patient has succumbed to the harsh challenge of seeking pain relief after beating an addiction to narcotics, it can be next to impossible to fill that euphoric void.

Always check the laws in your area regarding the use of cannabis before engaging in something that could be categorized as illegal. There are loads of states in the nation that are happily pushing the medical use of marijuana and with a little guidance, you could be well on your way to living a much more pain free day to day with fibromyalgia.