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Can Using the Popular Fibromyalgia Drug “Lyrica” Cause Birth Defects?


Millions of patients suffer from fibromyalgia pain each and every single day, and some report they have found relief by using certain prescription medications. One such successful drug is called “Pregabalin”, which also goes by the name of “Lyrica”. People take this drug for fibro pain as well as numerous other nerve related conditions such as MS, or sciatica. Just when some thought the worst possible side effect was weight gain, researchers have uncovered a totally new challenge regarding the medication.

Lyrica has been associated with some serious health implications, such as causing several birth defects. Some defects that have been linked to the drug are heart defects, and ones that involve the central nervous system. These are even more commonly found in those that were using the medication during the first three months of their pregnancies. This is so incredibly frightening considering many women have no idea they are pregnant during the first few weeks of their pregnancies, and without knowing you are with child, why would you stop taking your regularly prescribed medications?

Fibromyalgia News Today advises that the study entitled “Pregnancy outcome following maternal exposure to Pregabalin may call for concern” was published in the Academy of Neurology’s medical journal. The studies included data findings from over 150 women within 7 different countries that were taking Lyrica as well as meds to prevent seizures all during their pregnancies. An additional 656 women with child were also studied that were not on Lyrica as well as anti-seizure medications.

The results showed that the women who took Lyrica while in the beginning stages of their pregnancies, were three times more probable to give birth to a child that had some type of birth effects. Some words to the wise are to always research any drugs, prescription variations or otherwise, fully to avoid potentially harming you or your unborn baby.