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How To Alleviate Fibro Morning Stiffness


Fibromyalgia is the second most common condition to affect the bones and muscles, however, due to the nature of the disease, it is often shrouded in stigma and misinformation. One of the worst parts about the disease is that it can often take years before it is properly diagnosed, as there is no clear test to identify it. The problem is that while people are waiting for their diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to treat the symptoms they have, and one of the worst is moving stiffness.

Have you ever worked out and woke up the next day only to find it impossible to get out of bed, lift your hands above your head, or worse, try and sit on the toilet? If so, you are familiar with what we are talking about, and you also probably know that all you can think about during those moments is a relief. Well now, you can get it as we present to you 8 ways to alleviate your fibro morning stiffness.

1. Write it down

Ok, we know what you’re thinking, “what possible good could writing down something be for my morning stiffness?” That is because morning stiffness is usually the result of something bad that happens in the course of your night. So by writing down any issues, concerns, and problems you are having, you are less likely to stay away worried about them, thus improving your quality of sleep and feelings in the morning.

2. Stay Warm

Keeping oneself warm is paramount in preventing more stiffness, and we’d suggest going to any means necessary to do so. This could include electric blankets, heating pads, space heaters, and even covering draughty windows.

3. Hot Shower

Standing under a hot shower is a great way to start your day and ease your muscles into working order. If you wake up feeling stiff, you’ll likely be amazed at what a few minutes under a hot shower can do for you.

4. Healthy Diet

With fibromyalgia, the trick is to eat healthy foods with the fewest ingredients. The reason for this is that doctors aren’t exactly sure how the body and fibromyalgia react with things like food, which is why simple and healthy is better.

4. Drink Clean Water

You may be thinking that your water is clean, after all, you do live in a town or city in all likelihood. However, what you may not know is that many cities include Los Angeles have trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs in the water. These toxins can build up over time cause damage.